Splendid Productions is primarily a touring theatre and education company, and we particularly enjoy the unique experience of playing to a real live audience and interacting with them in our workshops.

However, over the years, we have had an increasing number of clients requesting a record of the productions for students to refer to, and of course a lot of potential audiences we were unable to fit into our tours, and so we found a way to commit some of our work to disc.

About the Productions

All of our productions were designed to travel the country in a small car, set up and taken down in half an hour, often twice a day. For this reason, they have a cast of three and the most rudimentary of sets. But luckily, the limitations of your bootspace does not restrict the reach of your imagination!

Our approach to theatre, like many of our favourite practitioners, is that it is created more by the actors and the audience than by the lights and the scenery. Both of these productions are great examples of what committed performers can achieve with the barest of essentials.

About the Adaptations

To Splendid, the script is just the starting point for a devising process that aims to create an entertaining and thought-provoking piece that is relevant to the audience that year, that day. We specialise in reinterpreting classic texts to place the fundamental human questions at the heart of the production.

We use a ‘Brechtian’ structure that breaks the action into episodes, using signs, songs and direct address to engage the audience’s minds as well as their attention. It also allows us to break up the traditional narrative in interesting ways.


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